Philps Famous Pasties - Traditional Cornish Pasty

Ts & Cs


Philps Ts & Cs are as follows...


The company refers to "Philps Bakery". The buyer refers to the purchaser of our goods and services.


The company only accepts orders subject to the conditions of sale, to the exclusion of any condition of the buyer. What does this mean – needs unpacking?


Goods shall not pass to the buyer until they are paid for in full prior to despatch.


Prices of goods and services supplied may be subject to market fluctuation and revision.


All of the company's prices are inclusive of UK sales tax (VAT), charged at the current rate, except for items that are zero rated or exempt from VAT.

Fitness for Purpose

The company is in no way liable for the purpose and fitness of goods and services supplied to the buyer. The company has no control over the fitness, suitability and method of their use. The company excludes any condition or warranty implied by statute or otherwise as to the fitness of its goods or any other particular whatsoever. 

Cornish pasties, the hearty star of buffet food

Supplement your event catering or party food with a platter of delicious Cornish pasties, a key ingredient for the important celebrations in your life.

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Prizing quality over quantity

We’re not a mass market producer, which means the production processes and quality of our pasties and wholesome bakery goods is never compromised. Ever.

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