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The Philps Family Story


Sammy Philp, a straight-talking businessman was well-loved throughout the county of Cornwall for introducing the traditional Cornish pasty to pubs and the general public.

Sammy Philp the Grocer

Our Grandfather, Sammy Philp was the instigator of the Philps Bakery family business. He was quite the character, straight as a die and never minced his words. 

From 15 years of age he had his own hand cart from which he sold fruit and vegetables locally but his passion for groceries led him to supply Plymouth market in later years.  Often you could see him in all weathers collecting the vegetables he needed.  He would buy a whole field of broccoli and cauliflower and cut it himself by hand. He even did all the deliveries, 400 in total, from his Rascal van.

Everett Philp the Baker

Sammy’s cousin, Everett Philp was the baker of the family who began to make our delicious pasties.  He was a funny man with a great laugh who was well loved in our home town of Hayle.  

He was stick thin but fit as a butcher’s dog, weighing seven stone wet through.  He possessed amazing skills and with his muscular arms, fashioned from years of needing and rolling, you’d hear the rhythmic banging of our bakery machine as he cut pasty shapes like a demon.  In just three rolls he could turn a golf ball sized piece of dough into a perfect circle to form the pasty. He’d easily make close to 3,000 in a day - all rolled by hand. 

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The 1950s

Everett begins to make our delicious Cornish pasties at the family grocery store, Clark’s. Sammy takes a box of them to the Cornish Arms in Hayle for them to try, it’s a great success, and they became the first public house in Cornwall to sell pasties in the 1950s. As they’re such a hit Sammy goes on to sell them at the Bucket of Blood in Phillack. 

News of our tasty pasties soon get round and we start supplying lots of other pubs in the area. 

The 1960s

Sales grow exponentially between 1958 and 1963.  To cope with demand Sammy purchases an old warehouse at Foundry Hill for just £500 and converts it into a bakery.  It was originally owned by the Hayle Steamship Company which then stored cream tins. Unfortunately the area was prone to flooding. Luckily the bakery was located upstairs but the potato peeling room often found itself under two foot of water. 

Sammy sells the grocery store to run the bakery whereupon he enlists his son, Sam to prepare the pasties.  As is the family tradition, he works all hours prepping vegetables every day before school.  Peeling spuds and crimping pasties still remains the duty of all children in our family!  

The 1970s

The flooding problem is rectified and Sammy creates a shop within the bakery in the early 1970s.  It opens seven days a week but work is seasonal.  We’re flat out in the summer supplying Carbis Bay and Porthminster Beaches with hot golden pasties. 
On a good day we make more than fifty dozen pasties and they’re gone in a flash. We then get a call for ten dozen more just as we’re cleaning up so we have to start all over again. Eventually demand from the general public becomes so high we have to stop supplying the beaches.

The 1980s

Our Grandfather, Sammy officially retires in 1983.

The family buy two new pasty shops, one in Praze-en-Beeble, the other in Marazion.  Sam is also approached by a luxury supermarket who wants our traditional Cornish pasty recipe, but he turns them down.  To this day he has no regrets as the family want to hold onto our amazing legacy. The ingredients we use are too expensive to create them for the mass market anyway. 

The 1990s

Our Philps Pasties are so popular parking has become an issue so the family buy new office premises in Hayle.  The family agree this is the best move ever made due to the speed of our flourishing business and the need of easy access.

Our Grandfather, Sammy continues to work six days a week even at the age of 90, but he stops two days before he passes away in 2008.

Present Day

Now Philps Bakery is a thriving business run by Sammy’s grandchildren.  Our youngsters now help peel the vegetables and prepare pasties before going to school.  The staff members we employ are also from local families who have been with us for many years.

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In the 70s, the youngsters of the family helped peel the vegetables and prepare pasties before going to school, and this is now an ongoing family tradition, as we employ staff members from local families of all ages...

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