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Perfect Cornish Pasty catering for your big day, event or gathering. Any excuse to get friends and family together and enjoy a pasty! We know that when planning a big event, you want everything to be just right. That’s why we offer hot deliveries to local locations, or cold pasties to send in the post. Here are some words from our happy customers:

  • Lynn Holmes

    "We have been buying your pasties on holiday every year since you were in Foundry Square ! We used to take them into the park to eat back then . Now my mother and sister have moved to Redruth and we always pop over to have a pasty by the river when we visit."

  • Pauline Kay Morcom

    "I get the train to Hayle especially to get some as they are the juiciest and most flavoursome pasty in Cornwall, very hard to beat."

  • Jacob Glister

    "The memories I have are getting a pasty while I was working with my dad on a Saturday afternoon and just having a laugh while eating them!"

  • Kate Rodwell

    "Whenever we would visit we would stop off at the shop and get a freshly baked pasty... It brings back some wonderful childhood memories."

  • Rachel Taylor

    "Philps was a part of my childhood, introduced to me and my sister by our parents, who'd been introduced by their parents. My children now get excited about going to Philps when we are down!"

  • Jess Davis

    "Philps pasties are the essence of cornwall! I grew up in cornwall and now every time I visit I have to have one. I know there are other places that claim to have the pasties but that is an out and out lie!"

Cornish pasties, the hearty star of buffet food

Supplement your event catering or party food with a platter of delicious Cornish pasties, a key ingredient for the important celebrations in your life.

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Prizing quality over quantity

We’re not a mass market producer, which means the production processes and quality of our pasties and wholesome bakery goods is never compromised. Ever.

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