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We’re a Cornish family-owned and run business with family values at our heart. They’ve helped us face adversity together, shaped our commitment to hard work, and enabled us to keep our founder Sammy Philps’ original vision alive.

His dream was to delight people across the world with the delicious taste of the Philps Cornish pasty and now our Pasties by Post delivery service does exactly that in the UK.  With the help of ex-pats and social media our lush pies are indeed renowned across the globe. 

With great humour, our family and those of our friends and neighbours have been raised within our bakeries, helping chop, peel and run errands. And it’s this family connectedness that has helped us bond with our wider community and those travelling to Cornwall. It makes us who we are.

While creating your favourite bites we employ local staff, use local suppliers, support local charities and always listen to your feedback. We also care about responsible food provenance, using premium ingredients and traditional baking methods that produce great tastes and flavours. 

However, we believe the proof is in the eating and through the unfaltering service we offer. So pay us a visit, buy a pasty and experience the true taste of Cornwall.

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Food provenance is a top priority

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Our family-run Cornish bakeries bring joy to lovers of genuine Cornish food by baking premium quality Philps pasties and Cornish pastries.

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In the 70s, the youngsters of the family helped peel the vegetables and prepare pasties before going to school, and this is now an ongoing family tradition, as we employ staff members from local families of all ages...

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Cornish pasties, the hearty star of buffet food

Supplement your event catering or party food with a platter of delicious Cornish pasties, a key ingredient for the important celebrations in your life.

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Prizing quality over quantity

We’re not a mass market producer, which means the production processes and quality of our pasties and wholesome bakery goods is never compromised. Ever.

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