Philps Famous Pasties - Traditional Cornish Pasty


41 Meneage Street
Helston, Cornwall
TR13 8RB

Opening times:
Mon-Sat 9am-4pm

Tel: 01326 563534

Philps Pasties Helston

Our Philps pasties in Helston are right in the heart of town, giving you all the access you could possibly need to both our delicious pasties and the gorgeous Cornish countryside. 

You’ll be just a short drive away from the coast so why not stop at our pasty shop in Helston on your way to the beach?

The Best of Helston Pasty Shops

Whatever tickles your fancy, we guarantee we serve it at our Helston pasty shop. Whether you’re looking for a pasty lunch or other baked goods and sweets, our food is homemade and fresh for your enjoyment. 

We strive to give customers everything they want and need to make our Philps pasty shop Helston your one-stop shop, whether you’re a local enjoying a day in town or a holiday goer enjoying the Cornish sights. 

Pasty Shop St Ives

With our Helston pasty shop only a short distance from the bustling coastal town of St Ives, you can stop by for one of our pasties to enjoy on a trip down to the coast. 

We serve the best pasties in St Ives and the Cornwall area as a whole. All of our food comes with a family and community promise that our pasties will be the bright spot of your day, perfect for a grab-and-go lunch that warms your stomach and allows you to fully immerse yourself into Cornish culture.

Philps pasties near St Ives is your best option to experience the best of Cornwall. From your dinnerplate to the beach, we capture the essence of Cornwall and what it means to be Cornish.

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Food provenance is a top priority

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Our Pasty Shops

Our family-run Cornish bakeries bring joy to lovers of genuine Cornish food by baking premium quality Philps pasties and Cornish pastries.

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In the 70s, the youngsters of the family helped peel the vegetables and prepare pasties before going to school, and this is now an ongoing family tradition, as we employ staff members from local families of all ages...

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Cornish pasties, the hearty star of buffet food

Supplement your event catering or party food with a platter of delicious Cornish pasties, a key ingredient for the important celebrations in your life.

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Prizing quality over quantity

We’re not a mass market producer, which means the production processes and quality of our pasties and wholesome bakery goods is never compromised. Ever.

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